TOP Management pholosophy
Make people HAPPY, with our confectionery.
Preserve tradition, and make brand-new taste.
1,Customers first
For customers satisfaction,we make confectionery filled with full of our heart. Continue to create tasty, safety and beautiful products Make product gently imagining to buy product.
2,Benefit to the employee.
To create a better company, we make employees to enjoy working here. So everyone in MORIHAKU can live a happy and prosperous life.
We are aware that we are representatives of the company and the region, Entertain our customers with confectionery and brighten society.
4,Toward the dream
Have a big dream, head towards a dream keep developing day by day. Drawing future dreams and hopes, never stop challenge. To driving force for great innovation and development.
For the big smile with tasty
I believe confectionery is a special tool that brings a smile and happiness to people. Because of the smile of being delicious, for happiness that it is pleasant, we continue making tasty confectionary to make people happy. Also Morihaku Confectionery thanks the people working together, and wish for a each employees shines with a smile like eat our confectionery.
CEO Mitsuhiro Mori
morihaku co.,ltd
4-474 Oguma cho Hashima-shi, Gifu prefecture, JAPAN
ZIP code 501-6273
TEL. +81-58-392-9000 FAX. +81-58-391-5144

Masaki Factory
215 suka akamatsu, masaki-cho Hashima-shi Gifu prefecture, JAPAN
TEL. +81-58-392-9001
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