For the safety and security, we use 100% Japanese glutinous rice.
We believe confectionery is a tool to make people happy.Because of the smile of deliciousness and happiness, we must protect more than anything but food security and safety.100% Japanese glutinous rice used as a raw material, which is carefully selected the producing area.It is an indispensable commitment to keep inheriting the taste of Japanese tradition forever.
Measures to secure food safety and safety, such as a production line that thoroughly implements hygiene control, employee training that keeps aware of the weight of responsibility for food production is absolutely absurd.By addressing these measures with top priority, we believe our confectionery makes people smile.Based on such an idea, we all working together to create confectionery every day.
We had the theme, 'JAPANESQUE' Provide what now wanted
Our company specializing in creativity. Especially commitment is to make confectionery with the theme of 'JAPANESQUE' in JAPANESE 'WA'. Our main product is one of the confectionery which convey the old good Japanese tradition to now. We would like to cherish the heart of Japanese. And would like to breath in Japanese taste such as chocolate and jelly.By adding Japanese essence such as match or local Gifu-Hashima special ginkgo nuts, we will constantly pursue a taste not found in other companies. Of course these must be sought now people wanted.We catch information by sticking a highly sensitive antenna, and we will provide products that match the times.This is also one of our missions by making tasty confectionery and makes people happy.
Surprising and Interesting
The theme of'JAPANESQUE', 'Provide what now wanted,' WE also thinks about 'Creation of surprising and interesting.' Representative things are "variety rice cracker" series. We developed tastes that were not exist in traditional rice cracker, such as 'Tasty chili oil rice cracker' 'Butter potato rice cracker', 'Deliciously browned Corn', are accepted widely from the elderly customers to the young generation. Especially "Tomato rice cracker", "Favorites Lemon", "Addicted Tom Yum Kyun", etc. are sticking to naming, and since products brought up in woman's magazines, newly young women also became our honorable fans. Laughing with to looking at the name of product , you can also smile with its taste. We would love to suggest products that overflow with such surprises and interests. Please enjoy out products with someone you like.
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