History of Morihaku

A laundry becomes
Japanese confectionary store

In 1935, Morihaku-Sennsha which is antecedent of Morihaku confection started business in Gifu-City. As the name describes, it was a laundry at first, turned into a confectionary after WWII because of public demand for sweets. Although they were almost amateur, started making confection with lots of tries and errors because they wanted to live up to social demands.

Keep changing with the times

Afterwards, they started rice-confection making and also jelly in 1990, representative products "variety rice cracker" in 2010, chocolate in 2016. They have kept challanging with trends without losing policy that Japanesque is a main theme.

Pioneer of various
taste of rice cracker

"Variety rice cracker" series is a variation made by adding flavor of cuisine to usual simple rice cracker. It expands the possibility of rice cracker and more people enjoy it now. That is the result of challenge to new idea without stereotype. Please enjoy our following challenge for new taste.

Policies in making confectionary

Safety and Security

We believe confectionery is a tool to make people happy. Because of the smile of deliciousness and happiness, we must protect more than anything but food security and safety. Such as a production line that thoroughly implements hygiene control, employee training that keeps aware of the weight of responsibility for food production, we take measures for food security and safety.

Use 100% Japanese glutinous rice

Our main product, rice cracker is one of the confectionery which convey the old good Japanese tradition to now. 100% Japanese glutinous rice is used as a raw material, which is carefully selected the producing area. It is an indispensable commitment to consider food safety and keep inheriting the taste of Japanese tradition forever.

Surprising and Interesting

We think about 'Creation of surprising and interesting' at the phase of product development. It is shown the most in "variety rice cracker" series. We developed tastes that were not exist in traditional rice cracker, such as 'Tasty chili oil rice cracker' 'Butter potato rice cracker', 'Deliciously browned Corn', are accepted widely from the elderly customers to the young generation. Laughing with to looking at the name of product , you can also smile with its taste. We would love to offer products that overflow with such surprises and interests. Please enjoy out products with someone you like.