Rice Cracker

Japanese paper bags Burdock salad

The 100% glutinous rice with Japanese burdock and Izu Oshima salt. The fragrance and taste of burdock is great, and this is a popular item with many repeaters who want to eat many times once you try.

Japanese paper bag Tamba black soybean rice cracker

Domestic rice glutinous with domestic black beans and pure domestic Izu Oshima salt is a fragrant rice cracker.

Japanese paper bag Cheese curry

Popular curry taste using domestic rice cake rice Curry stimulation and mellow cheese are exquisite.

Japanese paper bag Shrimp

100% Japanese glutinous rice and domestic shrimp are finished with exquisite flavor.

Japanese paper bag Ebara Mentaiko

A popular flavor 'Japanese paper bag Shrimp' add with spicy seasoned cod roe, is finished in spicy.


Packed the popular flavor in one bag. Specially recommend for want to enjoy various tastes.

Golden cooked

Domestically produced glutinous rice is used. Precious Soy Sauce rolled by high-grade domestic seaweed luxuriously.

Flower KOKESHI dolls

The head of a cute kokeshi doll is a peanut sweet, and the body is made of a fragrant soy sauce rice cracker using domestic glutinous rice.

Four seasons of ancient capital

Domestically produced glutinous rice is used. Kneaded almonds into the dough, baked it fragrantly, and finished it with a salad flavor.

Ise shrimp colorfully

It is elegant and luxuriance taste using 100% domestic glutinous rice with domestic Ise shrimp powder.

Olive & olives

Using 100% Japanese glutinous rice. With EXTRA Virgin olive oil, olive leaves, basil leaves, finished rich in fragrance.

Favourite Lemon

The lemon freshness is smelled by the rice Cracker which used 100% Japanese glutinous rice. Refreshing acidity with lemon and vinegar from Setouchi-district.

Yuzu salt rice cracker

Domestic rice 100% used. Refreshing domestically produced yuzu and deep rich salt koji taste delicious harmony.

Addicted Tom Yum Kyun

We used 100% Japanese glutinous rice kneaded with red shrimp, and finished it with spicy Tom Yum Kung taste.

Red Snow Crab rice cracker

Made with domestic glutinous rice, red snow crab powder, rice oil, and domestic salt, it has a baked crab flavor.

Cheese shop in the woods

Used plenty of Hokkaido cheese in a delicious 100% Japanese glutinous rice. Can't stop eating cheese and fragrant rice cracker is just yummy.

Baked onion chicken

100% Japanese glutinous rice and Awaji Island onions and domestic chicken are used. The baked onion is sweet and the flavor of chicken fits so well.

Deliciously browned Corn

We used 100% of Hokkaido corn powder for a delicious harvest made with 100% Japanese glutinous rice, and made it tasty soy sauce.

Chili oil rice cracker

Roasted onion and OKINAWA products hot chili oil is Best matching with rice cracker.

Burdock salad

A series of popular natural taste rice cracker. The 100% glutinous rice with Japanese burdock and Izu Oshima salt. The fragrance and taste of burdock is great, and this is a popular item with many repeaters who want to eat many times once you try.

Potato butter rice cracker

Using 100% Japanese glutinous rice, sprinkle potato flour and delicious butter made butter rice cracker.

Shrimp mayonnaise

100% Japanese glutinous rice and domestic shrimp, it is finished in everyone's favorite taste with well-balanced acidity with mayonnaise. This is a popular menu, children loves this one and also recommend as beer snacks.

TOMATO rice cracker

Tomato rice cracker is shaped like petit tomatoes, using 100% Japanese glutinous rice. Sweet and sour tomatoes and onions go very well.

Sautéed butter roasted

100% Japanese glutinous rice with dried squid and scallops sautéed soy sauce butter. Taste l ike Japanese style BBQ flavor.

Pumpkin rice cracker

100% Japanese glutinous rice, with pumpkin from Hokkaido. It fits very well with the sweetness of roasted pumpkin.

Almond Rice Crackers

Baked fragrantly with kneading diced almonds on 100% Japanese glutinous rice.

Butter Chicken Curry Rice Crackers

Shrimp Mentaiko Mayonnaise Rice Crackers


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Christmas Rock Ranch (Late October to mid-December)

Cranberry, blueberry, Karenz, crispy crackers with chocolate crunch. It is a commitment crunch that used domestic brown rice.

Egg Rice Cracker

Uji Green Tea Cracker

It is a rice cake of using domestic egg, Matcha made from Uji.

Miso bean paste rice cracker

It is thin rice cracker made with plenty of Hida Takayama's scented rural Miso and black sesame.